Meet the “Dream Team”

Meet Our Mangers…

Joe – A graduate of Bryant University, our General Manager Joe was born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts. He began his hospitality career working various summer jobs in Hyannis MA. His first management position was for one season at Tugboats in Hyannis, Cape Cod MA. Prior to his current position as General Manager of Peppercorn’s, Joe worked as an Assistant Manager at Peppercorn’s sister restaurant, Prezo Grille & Bar located in Milford MA, where he worked for three years. A couple random facts about Joe include his undeniable love for consuming Chinese food whenever possible as well as for reading the book series “a song of ice and fire” by George RR Martin.

Cathleen – One of two of our amazing Assistant Managers, Cathleen is a veteran of Peppercorn’s with over eight years working for the Oliveri Family. Prior to working with us, Cathleen accumulated a significant hospitality career with over 20 years working at restaurants throughout Cape Cod and Boston. She is a proud mom and loves spending her spare time with her children or reading a good book.

Paul – Paul’s illustrious rise to management harks back to days of yore, in fact a different decade entirely. In 2009, Paul began work at Peppercorns as a low ranking but highly respected busboy. Through hard work, a little bit of talent and a lot of luck, he graduated from a busboy to a busMan, and then a BusManager. Simultaneously, he enjoyed a brief brush up with adult beverage industry working part-time for Wormtown Brewery. As the time passed, Paul remembered an expression his Father would famously say, “If you stay still and others move forward, then you’re moving backwards.” Paul knew his father’s phrasing was awkward but nevertheless found some truth in the statement and gave up both gigs to become a server. His ascent up the corporate ladder continued with a position in management, working alongside the very people that hired him. Recently, Paul was the first American to complete “Peppercorns World Tour: An 11 Week Program” where one must consume every single menu item Peppercorns has to offer. In his free time, Paul enjoys writing brief synopses of his career. ~ written by Paul D.